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Parenting Plan Problems

After the divorce, you and your children are ready to move on to a new life with a parenting plan in place. Unfortunately, there are many times when the other parent refuses to comply with the procedure established by the court. Here are some perspectives on the law and actions to consider when the other parent is not following the court-ordered plan.

Our Attorney Laura Baier Honored For Her Local Leadership

The Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) teams with young lawyers dedicated to serving their communities. To identify these achievements, the Washington Young Lawyers Committee (WYLC) recently petitioned the legal community to nominate young or new lawyers for the annual Public Service and Leadership Award. Among the factors weighed by the Committee were each nominee's: (1) leadership and service in the local community or within a bar association; (2) mentoring; (3)involvement in the WSBA, the American Bar Association, or local bar association activities; and (4) volunteer work with pro bono or public service programs.

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