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Knowledgeable And Understanding Divorce Representation

Filing for divorce impacts everything you value most. This includes your home, business, finances and children. The decisions made during a divorce hearing can have a permanent impact on your life. Because of what is at stake, it is important to have on your side an attorney who can help you navigate the divorce process.

At Newbry Law Office, in Port Orchard, you will meet with experienced family law lawyers who understand the impact of divorce on your family law life. Our approach to such matters is to make certain the short-term and long-term needs of you and your family's are addressed. We make our services affordable. Our approach is to always take into concern the best interests of the children and the family as a whole.

Putting The Interests Of Our Clients First

A divorce filing generally comes at an emotionally charged time. The parties will need to make important decisions concerning child custody disputes, property division matters and the needs of the children. It is a time when a calming influence is badly needed.

Attorney Christine E. Newby has extensive experience handling divorce cases in Kitsap County and across the state of Washington. The services Newbry Law Office provides include:

We are there at a time of great uncertainty. Our attorneys and staff make ourselves available to answer all your questions. We can help guide you concerning the decisions you will have to make and always make certain you understand your rights and options.

Guidance Concerning Upcoming Changes

We will put together a strategy for you that makes sense. To find out more about how we can serve you and to set up an initial consultation, contact our office by calling 360-244-4205. You can also send us an email.

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