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Helping Registered Sex Offenders Get Back On Track

In criminal law, few things are more punitive than being placed on the sex offender registry list. SORA registration requirements automatically place you at a disadvantage when trying to find work and a place to live. Your reputation is irreparably harmed.

That is why it is important to have those requirements lifted as soon as legally eligible to do so.

Removal Is Not Automatic

Sentencing for a sex offense may carry with it the requirement to register on the sex offense registry list for a period of years. Convicted offenders are not always automatically freed from those requirements once the time has elapsed.

Instead, you must petition the court to be removed. Because of the stakes involved, it is important to file a petition that is thorough and accurate, and demonstrates that you meet the requirements and pose little to no risk of reoffending.

Vacating Registration Requirements

The length of time and other requirements for registration as a sex offender will depend upon the conviction and the risk Washington places on you for reoffending.

However, if you were convicted as a juvenile, are not considered at high risk to commit another offense or are otherwise eligible to be released from registration requirements, Newbry Law Office can help you file a petition with the court to remove yourself from the registration.

Attorney Christine Newbry is a former prosecutor and experienced trial lawyer who regularly defends clients against serious criminal charges, including felonies and sex crimes. She can walk you through the steps needed to become freed from the stigma and pain that come from being on the sex offender registry list.

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