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Get A Strategic Defense Against Protective Orders

Having a protective order taken out against you can be frustrating and frightening. You may be unable to see your children. It could affect where you can live, at least temporarily, and where you can travel. If it becomes known, it could influence your career and reputation.

At Newbry Law Office, we help people accused of being a danger to family members and romantic partners contest their protective order and regain control over the situation. While it is important to obey the protective order, having a temporary protection order issued against you is not the same as being found guilty of a crime.

We can provide an intelligent and aggressive defense. We will fight for your rights in civil and criminal court.

A Trial Attorney On Your Side

Christine Newbry is a trial lawyer with extensive experience in criminal defense and family law matters. She can advise you on the proper path to contesting a restraining order. As a former prosecutor, she is familiar with how the state approaches criminal charges relating to domestic violence and stalking. Because we routinely handle highly contested custody orders, Christine is also capable of anticipating and countering arguments regarding your ability to see and care for your children.

Practicing At The Intersection Of Criminal Defense And Family Law

Newbry Law Office has extensive experience in both criminal defense and family law regarding:

  • Anti-harassment orders
  • Sexual assault protection orders
  • Domestic violence order for protection
  • No-contact orders
  • Restraining orders

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Our Port Orchard, Washington, office is a welcoming and nonjudgmental place where you can fully tell your story and then craft a defense that works for you. Call 360-244-4205 to schedule an initial consultation. You can also reach us online.

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