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Helping You Through A Child Protective Services Investigation

Regardless of issues concerning divorce or family law disputes, a primary concern of courts will always need to be the interests of the children. While children may not have input into such matters, the need to protect them is vital.

At Newbry Law Office, in Port Orchard, we understand what is at stake when child protective service matters arise. Christine Newbry is a trial lawyer with a tremendous amount of experience regarding both criminal defense and family law issues. Having lived in Washington all her life, she understands how our child protective services (CPS) operate. She understands how to deal effectively with CPS officials. This includes intervening when investigations take place and inform you of your legal options.

Protecting Your Rights Concerning Your Children

Designed to protect the welfare of children, child protective service matters involve extremely complex issues. The outcome of such matters could impact the contact parents and children will have from that point going forward. The CPS needs to make a decision that is fair to both parents and does not result in harm in any way to the child.

The CPS will act on any concerns regarding a child's safety. If felt necessary, the CPS will intervene in an attempt to protect the child from danger. Unfortunately, not all interventions are warranted. Often, CPS acts upon incorrect information or false allegations. The actions the CPS takes could then result in hardship for both the falsely accused parent and for the child.

In such cases, our attorneys will fight to protect the rights of parents. We will contest any determinations that could lead to depriving a parent of their custody rights concerning the child. At all times, we will be on your side, providing both representation and legal advice. We pride ourselves on providing you the best sort of professional representation.

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